Monday, May 26, 2014

San Francisco Zoo

Fun times at the San Francisco Zoo with
some good friends. I can't take credit for most of 
these pictures as Patrick was the photographer.
It was so cloudy and cold but what do you 
expect in the city?!

Definitely don't want to mess with this guy!

^Crazy chicken 


  1. Are these iphone pictures?! They look incredible. Also, I think I know what is up with not being able to reply to people. Try going to settings--mobile and email-- and then make sure your email is in both of the bottom boxes. I think that should work!

    1. OH MY GOODNESS!! I got it! I can reply!!! hahaha I had to do some code replacing.

      These are not with an iphone..we have a basic Nikon camera with an amazing zoom!

  2. If these are iPhone pictures, I need to update my phone. They are beautiful!! Let us know.....

    1. Hi Sister Byers!! These are not with an iphone...we have a basic Nikon camera.