Sunday, December 29, 2013

three years down...many more to come...

Happy Anniversary Babe

Let's just say this year has been a roller coaster of events! I hope this next year is way more calm for us because I could sure use it. To sum it all up we moved to Hayward the beginning of this year to start new jobs. We quickly learned that our apartment was not in the best location. Within two and half months of staying there our apartment got broken into, our car got hit by a stolen car, our mailboxes were constantly being broken into and we consistently saw drug deals. To top it off our manager mentioned they recently caught a fugitive who was wanted for murder, had been hiding out a few doors down from us. How many signs does Heavenly Father need to give you to move?!

We quickly made our second move to the hills of Hayward where it was QUIET and peaceful. We had deer and turkey all around us. We were loving it and were happy to be in a better situation. That did not last long as Patrick got laid off from his job.

After three long months of searching he was able to get a job in San Mateo where he could not be happier. We decided to move for the THIRD time closer to his work so I quit my job and started a new one where I apartment manage in the Bay Area.  We finally feel like we are able to breathe and are grateful for these experiences as they have drawn us closer together than ever before. I just wish to have no repeats!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Love Maps

Love Maps

I met Patrick in Idaho and then got married in California.  
I have seen it where people do three states 
where they met, got married and live. For me
where we got married and live are the same so I just did two.

I used a floater frame or if you have an extra frame laying around then just take 
out the insert and you have a floater frame.

I typed in on Google "state reference map" and printed out the
state I wanted then cut it out.

I cut out the hearts from red glittery paper then
placed them on city where we met and got married.
*took a few tries to get a good heart

I learned it is really hard to take a picture of the clear frames with
out seeing everything reflecting in it including you taking the picture.

These are such cute gift ideas that are so cheap and easy to make!

I am so happy the way they came out, I love it!

Here is a different way to do these love maps

Source and tutorial: minimozblog

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Glances of December

With starting new jobs and moving this past month, December 
came way too fast! I don't want it to end. 
There are certain things that make this month so special.
Patrick and I have Christmas traditions that we look forward to doing each year.
These traditions have started from when we have been married
to our families growing up.

Here are some things we have enjoyed doing this past month.

Picking out a Christmas tree!
We went to a local tree lot called Honey Bear Trees.
With the purchase of a tree we got free honey.

New ornaments  

The Trolleys decorated for Christmas are THE best!
My sister works for the Disney Aulani Hotel in Hawaii
and got us these. LOVE them!

Skype dates with this cutie 

Ugly Christmas sweater 

Patrick made this for his work Christmas party. You missed the part where he put candy canes in the stocking on his back for people to take. So hideous but he WON
the ugliest sweater! Never been so

Looking at Christmas lights on
Christmas Tree Lane in San Carlos

Cookie decorating party with friends.

Chocolate and peanut butter! mmMMMmm!

Local Christmas plays

Home for the holidays

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 20, 2013

Cookie Decorating

It's not Christmas with out 
some holiday BAKING!
I had a cookie decorating party with 
a couple friends Cherise and Katie.
Katie had the best recipe for 
sugar cookies and frosting! We 
were trying to decide between 
gingerbread houses or cookies but was
easily swayed towards the cookies so 
we could eat them!

Getting prepared// making the frosting

Double teaming the dough

These cookies are so good even with 
out any frosting on them.
Katie's recipe had an ingredient in 
them I had never heard of using 
for sugar cookies...OATMEAL!

Ready to start!

We took our time in the beginning decorating the
cookies but by the end we were so tired that we
began to just throw frosting on the cookies.
 As long as they had frosting on them is all we 
cared about, not about how pretty it looked! I have a whole new
respect for cookie decorators after last night. 
We didnt use royal icing, just regular vanilla frosting.

My cheesy video of our decorating. XO

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas in the city

My sister Vicky came to visit for Christmas and I
had a blast cruising around the city during
the holidays. Union Square is a must see during Christmas!

THE most intense ice skater out there! 
You cannot go to San Francisco with out riding 
the cable cars

View of the city from Lombard Street

So long Vicky! It has been so fun!

Shortly after Vicky came out, my friend Courtney came and visited me. I had to show
her Union Square all lit up. To avoid traffic we took Bart into the city.

So fun to just walk around Union Square and look at all the Christmas decorations.
All the trees decorated and the street performers playing
christmas music on their handmade instruments. Cheap/fun entertainment.

We came across this cute pizza place name "Moto." I love these 
pizza ovens, it makes me feel like an Italian!

Macy's was BEAUTIFUL! EVERY window had a wreath in it! 
Just walking around and looking at the shops decorated put me in
the Christmas spirit.
Come back and visit me soon Courtney!

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