Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Three Months

My chubby chubs...tubs...babies...little ducky...
is THREE MONTHS (ish...since I am so late!) OLD.

There are certain things I want to make sure that I never forget since she is 
literally changing every day. 

I never want to forget:
-her chubby wrists that looks like she has a tight rubber band around them 
-baby cellulite all throughout her thunder thighs
-trying to sit up at any chance she gets
-her high pitch squeels
-when she does her high pitch squeels she barely moves her mouth so you can't even tell it is coming from her.
-her baby mullet 
-when she smiles she curls up her whole body
-when she starts crying in the car Patrick loudly sings "You are my sunshine" and replaces the word 'sunshine' with 'Avery.' She stops crying almost every time.
-when we sing our bedtime song, "Families are Forever," Patrick always replaces...'I always want to be with my only FAMILY' to....'I always want to be with my own AVERY'

This month Avery is almost rolling over, about to grow out of 6 month clothes and on the verge of full on laughing, right now we just get little giggles. I thought she found her hands last month but no she really went at it this month.I feel like she is on the edge of teething as she is drooling more, sucking on her fingers and rubbing her tongue constantly on gums.

This past month we moved to Menlo Park so little ducky finally has her own bedroom and I can work part time. This is our 6th place within the 4 years we have been married. I know we say this every time but I feel like we will be here for at least 2-3 years for Patrick to get his experience and then who knows what comes next. I am going to be training for a full marathon in July in San Francisco. Lots of fun things planned for this year!