Friday, December 27, 2013

Love Maps

Love Maps

I met Patrick in Idaho and then got married in California.  
I have seen it where people do three states 
where they met, got married and live. For me
where we got married and live are the same so I just did two.

I used a floater frame or if you have an extra frame laying around then just take 
out the insert and you have a floater frame.

I typed in on Google "state reference map" and printed out the
state I wanted then cut it out.

I cut out the hearts from red glittery paper then
placed them on city where we met and got married.
*took a few tries to get a good heart

I learned it is really hard to take a picture of the clear frames with
out seeing everything reflecting in it including you taking the picture.

These are such cute gift ideas that are so cheap and easy to make!

I am so happy the way they came out, I love it!

Here is a different way to do these love maps

Source and tutorial: minimozblog

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