Monday, November 2, 2015

First Family Photos

My talented friend Rachel took some fun family photos for us now that Avery is a year!
She is based in the Bay Area, check out her site.

12 months

We survived the first year! 
So many mixed emotions of your little baby becoming a toddler. The older she is the more fun we have. We are always way too happy when she reaches new milestones and do new things. Goodbye to the nicknames "tubby tubs" and "chubby chubs."

This month Avery started to mimic us, when we say "yeah" she says "dah." When we say "uh oh" she quietly tries to repeat it in a high pitch voice. We melt over it and make her say it a million times a day! Avery has been saying "momomomom" especially when I am not around. She is walking like a champ which means way more fails. She loves dogs and walking around outside. We had fun having an ice cream birthday party for her. 
Heres to more years to come! 

11 months

Avery quickly transitioned from learning how to pull herself up to taking a few steps. With her new abilities we had to lower her crib. She has a hard time falling asleep as she just wants to stand up and look around. She has two top teeth poking through which is another reason why she isn't sleeping well. Avery works up a sweat so easy by just standing up for long periods of time or crawling around.