Friday, December 5, 2014

One Month

Our little chunk is growing so quick! I have never been so exhausted and tired in my life! I know one day I will sleep again. She is just getting her nights and days back to where they should be, thank goodness!! For awhile I was up from anywhere between 12AM-4AM. It's amazing what lack of sleep does to your emotions. Luckily my sister, Alyssa had her baby a few weeks after me so we are always supporting each other at odd hours of the night. Patrick is so sweet and understanding when I break down crying at weird things such as wanting to make banana bread but not being able to get to it haha It's funny now but in the moment it's devastating. Thankfully for everyone,  I am able to get more sleep at night. I have been trying to follow the Babywise schedule to help her sleep through the night. I would be happy to hear any tips for sleeping. I have a deeper gratitude for my mom for not only raising 7 kids back to back but cholicky twins.

 Avery is so alert all the time which can make putting her down for a nap so hard. She is so nosy and doesn't want to miss out on anything. When I put her on my shoulder to burp, she has such a strong neck that she pushes away from us to look around. She is a good little eater. I was really nervous about breastfeeding and how it was going to go and how it would hurt. Avery was able to latch right away and I have had no problems with nursing her. At 4 weeks I introduced the bottle to her and she took it no problem. She loves sucking (not to mention, a hard suck) as it is soothing to her so a few days after she was born we gave her a binky. It was either get our pinkys ripped off or give her the binky. 

We took pictures at JCP and she was of course she was wide awake the whole time! These pictures make me laugh because they are just typical her. I took some pictures at home but shortly gave up because she would fall asleep but then once I moved her to the basket she would be wide awake and then shortly start fussing. It was not worth interrupting a nap for. 

In one month we have learned some fun things about baby Avery

Likes: Being outside, sleeping in her swing, eating, sucking, starring at lights, being swaddled, bath time, sleeping on mom and dad's chest, car rides, being carried in her baby Bjorn, being rocked to sleep and being talked to.

Dislikes: Loosing her binky, changing her clothes, gas pains, sleeping in her co-sleeper, and taking naps. 

I look forward to more smiles and not just gassy ones. She has definitely changed our routine around. The words 'I'm bored' are no longer in my vocabulary. I return to work on Monday and not looking forward to it. I am grateful to have a job that allows me to have her with me. There is no way I would be comfortable with someone watching her this young so I could go to work. We are enjoying her 'first' holidays and excited to start some new traditions.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Baby Avery

 Baby Avery has kept me SO busy this past month that I am finally able to post some of my favorite hospital pictures. Avery made her appearance on October 24th, 2014. I was due on the 22nd and started having contractions on the 23rd around 3am. I waited until 5pm that afternoon when my contractions were about 5 minutes apart. I am so thankful to have Patrick by my side the whole time. He was such a great coach. I remember in our cheesy birthing class we took, I told him if he told me to breathe while in labor, I would punch him. I thought...'isn't it obvious to breathe?!' Once the hard contractions came, all I wanted to do was hold my breathe so the reminder was actually needed. They were so painful to the point I was shaking when squeezing Patrick's hand. I have never had that kind of pain before.

When I went into the hospital I was already 6cm dilated. I kept telling the nurses that I wanted the epidural because I did not want to miss my window and not to mention the pain. Shortly after they gave me a fentanyl to help take the edge off and space out the contractions until I was able to get the epidural. When I received the epidural I was surprised at how little it hurt. After that it was smooth sailing. Later that evening they broke my water and then a few hours after that I pushed for a half hour and she was here at 1:44AM. 

So unreal to think that this 8 pound baby actually fit inside my stomach! She cried for thirty seconds and then just stopped and starred at us. She has been a pretty calm baby where she just cries when she is hungry or is uncomfortable. I could not have asked for an easier pregnancy or delivery. I am scared for the next one as I think it will be the complete opposite. I am so thankful that she is here and I love her more than anything! 

Shout out to Patrick for not passing out or throwing up!!

Avery Kailani Thayer  

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A moment in my tummy

I blinked and I became 9 months pregnant! Where did the time go!? How am I due in four days?! I have been blessed with a pretty easy going pregnancy, let's hope that means baby will be like that too. I have not thrown up at all, no swelling or achyness. Just lately my body seems to be preparing me for baby of not being able to get a good nights sleep. Not only am I more tired these days but I am tired of getting the advice from everyone when not asked. Just yesterday at the bank a lady talked to me for 5 minutes about needing to hire someone to clean my house and come twice a month. They all say, "trust me you will need it!" Maybe I will or maybe I am stubborn but I would like to figure it out on my own. What you liked, I may not like. 

Patrick says we cannot be anymore prepared for baby then we already are. He keeps reminding me that we don't need to buy anymore baby "things" and that we have it all. I feel great about that, let's just get this party started already. Who knew a little human being would need sooo many things. From different types of bottles...binky's...creams...blankets...clothes...and most of the things you have to wait until she comes to see what she will like/take. You can only prepare so much until the baby comes.

We do not have a name yet. We have a few in mind that we like, will just wait until she comes to see what we feel like she is. This may be the toughest part (obviously besides labor). I cannot wait until I do not have to wear the same stretchy maternity pants every single day. I look forward to being able to start running and working out shortly after delivery. Let's not forget about being able to sleep on my back or stomach again or not shaking the whole apartment when needing to turn over! We are so anxious to just have her here and see what she looks like! I can't believe we are almost there.

Get ready for a picture over load.  Kirsten did such an amazing job on our maternity photos that I had to share them! 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

China Town

Fun times in China Town. Got to explore the Cable Car Museum and 
Fortune Cookie Factory. Interesting to see how the cable cars run and all of its history.

When I heard of the Fortune Cookie Factory, I was expecting
a huge building with lots of workers. This was such a small factory with 
little room to move around in. So fun to see and crazy to think they make 
up to 20,000 fortune cookies a day. 

For the longest time I thought that these amazing rolls were a 
polynesian food that you could only get in Redondo Beach because
that is where my mom would get it when visiting my Aunty. They are definitely 
sold in Chinese bakeries, HELLOOO! They are my absolute FAVORITE!
It is called Char Siu or Manapua which is a Cantonese barbecue pork filled bun.
mmmmm MUST TRY!! I didn't get a good picture of one.

My parents tradition when traveling is to get a few magnets to put on
their fridge. It has now turned into a joke of how my dad has to get
the perfect magnet for every place.

My dad's exact words were, "You can see who they modeled his figure after." ha ha
He is feeling very confident with his new love of swimming.
The best visitors!