Saturday, October 18, 2014

A moment in my tummy

I blinked and I became 9 months pregnant! Where did the time go!? How am I due in four days?! I have been blessed with a pretty easy going pregnancy, let's hope that means baby will be like that too. I have not thrown up at all, no swelling or achyness. Just lately my body seems to be preparing me for baby of not being able to get a good nights sleep. Not only am I more tired these days but I am tired of getting the advice from everyone when not asked. Just yesterday at the bank a lady talked to me for 5 minutes about needing to hire someone to clean my house and come twice a month. They all say, "trust me you will need it!" Maybe I will or maybe I am stubborn but I would like to figure it out on my own. What you liked, I may not like. 

Patrick says we cannot be anymore prepared for baby then we already are. He keeps reminding me that we don't need to buy anymore baby "things" and that we have it all. I feel great about that, let's just get this party started already. Who knew a little human being would need sooo many things. From different types of bottles...binky's...creams...blankets...clothes...and most of the things you have to wait until she comes to see what she will like/take. You can only prepare so much until the baby comes.

We do not have a name yet. We have a few in mind that we like, will just wait until she comes to see what we feel like she is. This may be the toughest part (obviously besides labor). I cannot wait until I do not have to wear the same stretchy maternity pants every single day. I look forward to being able to start running and working out shortly after delivery. Let's not forget about being able to sleep on my back or stomach again or not shaking the whole apartment when needing to turn over! We are so anxious to just have her here and see what she looks like! I can't believe we are almost there.

Get ready for a picture over load.  Kirsten did such an amazing job on our maternity photos that I had to share them! 

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