Sunday, August 24, 2014

China Town

Fun times in China Town. Got to explore the Cable Car Museum and 
Fortune Cookie Factory. Interesting to see how the cable cars run and all of its history.

When I heard of the Fortune Cookie Factory, I was expecting
a huge building with lots of workers. This was such a small factory with 
little room to move around in. So fun to see and crazy to think they make 
up to 20,000 fortune cookies a day. 

For the longest time I thought that these amazing rolls were a 
polynesian food that you could only get in Redondo Beach because
that is where my mom would get it when visiting my Aunty. They are definitely 
sold in Chinese bakeries, HELLOOO! They are my absolute FAVORITE!
It is called Char Siu or Manapua which is a Cantonese barbecue pork filled bun.
mmmmm MUST TRY!! I didn't get a good picture of one.

My parents tradition when traveling is to get a few magnets to put on
their fridge. It has now turned into a joke of how my dad has to get
the perfect magnet for every place.

My dad's exact words were, "You can see who they modeled his figure after." ha ha
He is feeling very confident with his new love of swimming.
The best visitors!

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