Sunday, May 31, 2015

7 months

Our sweet roly poly is 7 months old. I never thought I would have such a happy little girl, always smiling, squealing and kicking those chunky legs as fast as she can. She is so full of love and not afraid to smile at anyone who walks by her, even if they are not even looking at her. She is already teaching me about the gospel and why the scriptures and prophets talk about the importance of becoming childlike. To be like a child is to be like the savior. Pure and full of love. I absolutely love to see the smile she puts on other people's faces wherever we go. My absolute favorite! Being a mom is the best thing in the world.

Fun to see Avery in this swing at Nana and Pop's since 
Patrick used to swing in it when he was her age.

Sold our first car, or Patrick likes to say our first date car. 

Some things I never want to forget...

-how Avery lunges forward for something she wants to grab
-squeals so hard when pulling Nana's hair
-sleeps with her legs on her crib poles and often times sticks them through 
-loves tags
-does this bobble head motion
-the time I thought her hands were swollen or she got bit but turns out she is just that chubby
-Patrick saying "You have a good life" (prison Mike from The Office) at ANY chance he got
-starting to reach out to people
-surprising Nana for Mother's Day when they got home from church and baby was sitting in the entry way
-her hair going slightly over her ears
-loves green beans, peas, carrots and sweet potatoes
-Patrick says her hair is starting to feel straw like thinking its going to be curly
-she puts her feet straight in the air and grabs them
-rolling like crazy