Friday, February 21, 2014

Arabian Nights

My parents took us on a Desert Safari.
I can definitely say I have never done anything like this before.

Part of the Desert Safari tour was dune bashing.
It was so scary as our crazy driver went up and
down the steep dunes so fast.

^ Our crazy driver. He loved when we started
to chant his name so he started to drive crazier
so we stopped the chant immediately haha

Sand boarding down the dunes.
Bad part was having to walk back up. No wonder my Dad 
and the twinkies refused to do it again.

Henna tattoos. The lady did it so quick
and they were so pretty!

Falcon Show

Funniest and most memorable part of the tour! I am so glad
Alyssa went first so I knew not to sit in the front.
It was definitely a challenge getting up and down as if 
you were riding a bull. Had to hold on tight and squeeze 
those thighs together to not fall off.

^The photographer said "No smiling." My parents were the only ones
who could keep a serious face. Alyssa and I had to cover our faces
since we all could not stop laughing.

The Grand Mosque was so huge and pretty!
It is the third largest in the world.
I loved how everyone had to be dressed
modestly in order to walk the Mosque grounds. 

 ^Prayer time clock. They pray five times a day
no matter where they are.

 ^All people must wash their hands and feet before they pray


^The chandelier used to be the largest in the world. 
It weighs about 12 tons.

 The carpet is the world's largest hand- knotted carpet.

 It is fun to explore other countries and cultures. You get
to see their customs and way of life.

I love this....different types of camel milk. 

Church in Abu Dhabi. Just last year Elder Holland came to 
Abu Dhabi and dedicated the first Mormon church in the Middle East. 

Your license plate is another way to rank your status.
The lower the number the higher your status.
They have auctions and people will buy the license plates
for thousands and millions of dollars.

 The Burj Al Arab which is the only
7 star hotel in the world.

We got to explore the majestic emirate scenery.  
on a Dhow dinner cruise over the Persian Gulf.