Sunday, February 9, 2014

Golden Gate Bakery

Egg Tarts in Chinatown

My sister Alyssa and her sweet baby Jagger came out to visit before we flew out to Dubai together to visit our family.

We had to see what the rave was all about for these famous egg tarts at the Golden Gate Bakery in China Town. Little did we know that the wait would be 21/2 hours!

It is a hit or miss when the bakery is open since it is family owned and they have not passed their recipe on to anyone. So they will be open one month and then the next three months be closed for vacation. You just never know. 

The egg tarts were so good and we tried the other pastries as well but to be honest I would not wait 21/2 hours again for them. I would definitely get them again if there was no one in line. Still fun to try and do something new in Chinatown.

Off to adventures in Dubai...

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