Monday, February 17, 2014

Adventures in Dubai Part 1

My parents and twinkies (twin sisters) moved to Dubai almost 5 years ago for work. I only get to see them at the most twice a year for summers and Christmas'. My sister Alyssa, sweet baby J and I were able to finally fly out together to see what life was like in the Middle East.

^Comfort first when flying ALL DAY //Leopard leggys/

Don't let these pictures deceive you...we took three different flights to get to Abu Dhabi (16 hours not including lay overs). It was by far the longest day of our life! This was just in the beginning so of course we were all smiles. Luckily baby Jaggy did amazing and Alyssa and I could watch some Scandal to pass time. 

Part of "The Palm." 
Dubai's man made islands shaped like a pam tree.

When going out to eat water was not free.
We would order a large bottle water every time
since the quality is not very good from the tap. 

The bathroom door signs. ^

If I learned anything from being in Dubai/Abu Dhabi, it is they LOVE their malls and breaking records. We went to the Dubai Mall which is the largest in the world. Inside the mall is the largest indoor aquariam. It was so pretty and crazy to see sharks inside. 

I love that they have all of the same restaurants as the states. 
Nothing like some good desserts at Cheesecake Factory.

^ Can only get these Build a Bear outfits in Dubai

Yes, this is in the mall. Grocery stores and an Ice Skating rink, 
that is how huge this mall is.

These dancing fountains were so cool as
they were synchronized to the music.

^Too funny! Teething baby

The tallest building in the world...The Burj Khalifa! It is 2,716.5 feet. So pretty 
the pictures do not do justice. This was also based outside of the Dubai Mall. 

The elevators hold the record for the longest travel distance 
and building has the highest number of stories.

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