Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Burlap Banners

I love to decorate for the holidays but my apartment is so small so I am limited on space. This is perfect because I can throw the banner on anything like a bookshelf, TV stand or wall and not look cluttered in my apartment.. This craft fits my criteria, easy and quick!


2. Marker to trace
3. Scissors
4. Paint
5. Glitter
6. No fray glue
7. Twine
8. Hot glue
9. Sponge brush

First I made my own stencil and traced it on the burlap then cut it out.

After cutting it out I used this glue that is amazing! I put it all around the edges and used a sponge brush to rub it in. I got mine at Joann's but I heard some Walmart's have it. This stops the edges from fraying so it lasts longer.

After it was done drying I cut out a heart stencil and painted it in with a sponge brush. Then immediately after I put glitter over the wet paint rubbing it in with my finger

After drying, hot glue the twine on the banner.

Here is what I did for our Anniversary...

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