Friday, December 20, 2013

Cookie Decorating

It's not Christmas with out 
some holiday BAKING!
I had a cookie decorating party with 
a couple friends Cherise and Katie.
Katie had the best recipe for 
sugar cookies and frosting! We 
were trying to decide between 
gingerbread houses or cookies but was
easily swayed towards the cookies so 
we could eat them!

Getting prepared// making the frosting

Double teaming the dough

These cookies are so good even with 
out any frosting on them.
Katie's recipe had an ingredient in 
them I had never heard of using 
for sugar cookies...OATMEAL!

Ready to start!

We took our time in the beginning decorating the
cookies but by the end we were so tired that we
began to just throw frosting on the cookies.
 As long as they had frosting on them is all we 
cared about, not about how pretty it looked! I have a whole new
respect for cookie decorators after last night. 
We didnt use royal icing, just regular vanilla frosting.

My cheesy video of our decorating. XO

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