Friday, May 23, 2014

New Chapter

I still cannot believe that I am pregnant!
 I am so happy, it's just so crazy  to think that
something is literally growing inside of me. 

We definitely felt like it was the right time for us
to start a family and are in the best possible 
situation right now to do so. I took an apartment
managing job to not only help save money in the
bay area (since rent is ridiculous!) but also to be able
to stay at home with the babe.

 We originally took the pregnancy test where you
pretty much have to guess if you are pregnant or not.
The one where it says if there are two lines your pregnant
and one means your not. Both lines are never bold enough
to know if there are really two lines or not
SO we had to buy the dumby proof ones where it just tells
you if you are or not. Cool thing was it predicted
how many weeks I was. 

^First doctor visit

I am a very anxious person! I hate surprises and if I know Patrick is
doing something to surprise me, I usually find out.
So when it came to being able to find out
what we were having I had to know right away! 

Instead of waiting until our scheduled doctors appointment we 
went to a 3D/4D baby place (we didn't get those pictures done since our 
baby looks like a alien) to just find out the gender. 
The WHOLE time in the waiting room Patrick
kept saying, "I am not ready for this. I am not ready to find out." 
ha ha Totally serious!

Once we were called into the room and the lady started to rub the
goo on my belly, Patrick had to sit down because he was getting 
light headed. ha ha!! I know he didn't have anytime to prepare 
mentally for this since we went last minute
butttt this is nothing compared to labor, come on! I already accepted
that he is going to be useless in labor and on the floor the whole time!

We surprised Patrick's parents by making cupcakes
with pink filling inside. We didn't even tell
them that we were going to find out the gender so we handed
them the cupcakes and said there was a surprise inside.
They were expecting something to pop out or happen but 
after a minute they caught on and were super excited!
Excited as in...looking at baby cribs and baby names. ha ha

I am now 18 weeks and feeling great. I was really grateful
to not have had morning sickness and did not throw up once.
I just felt nauseous and wanted to...actually still do.... eat everything! 
I am anxious to get that actual baby bump and not have it look 
like a pudge. No crazy cravings just anything sweet!
Always down for an ice cream sunday, cinnamon roll or candy.
I have not wanted pizza at all! YUCK

Luckily no maternity pants yet. Hanging on to the
two pair of jeans that are not too tight yet.
They say I should be able to feel her move but I get 
confused if that is my stomach digesting/grumbling or the baby.

Excited to have a little girl come
OCTOBER 22nd, 2014


  1. omg I didn't even KNOW! CONGRATULATIONS! and you look so good! Can't wait to see you on Sunday.

  2. A girl!! So exciting! That swing pictures is ridiculously cute. Where is that at? So excited for you!!