Saturday, January 18, 2014

Warrior's Game

This was Patrick's Christmas gift, going to see the Warrior's play. It is way more exciting being there rather than watching it at home. We had fun before the game started comparing ourselves to the pro's.

"Hey Kobe! I got you an orchid baby!!" Have you see the crazy Kobe Bryant fan!? If not, you need to. Its hilarious!

I guess I had this impression of the NBA that everyone was giants and almost 7 feet tall. Stephen Curry amazes me even more that he is 6'3.

Even though we were in the nose bleeds it was still fun. Especially to be surrounded by all the other fans that got excited when they make a shot or do something amazing. It made it interesting to have a Celtic fan (boo!) next to us but he shut up real quick when Curry made the final winning  point at the last two seconds!

If I can give you any pointers about going to watch a basketball game it would be to remember where you park!! We thought we were going to beat the traffic by literally running to our car. After we had ran to the end of the parking lot and not being able to find our car, we realized that we were on the complete opposite side of the building!! It is definitely funny to look back now but we were so mad we sprinted for nothing and got stuck in traffic!

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  1. Sounds like so much fun. Reminds me of the time we left before the 9th inning of the Dodgers game to beat the traffic but we forgot where we parked. Walked around forever (you'd think out of 5 people someone would have paid attention to where we parked). We finally found our car after the game was over and everyone else started to drive out of the parking lot leaving ours in the open. What a waste of time! Wouldn't have been so painful if I hadn't just done the same thing a couple weeks before at the Rose Bowl on 4th of July. The Twinkies and I tried to leave before the fireworks finale only to spend 15 minutes looking for the car! Crazy, I know!,,