Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New Adventures Day 1

 Twin Peaks has the most beautiful view of San Francisco. 
It was such a nice clear day to make it even better!

    One of San Francisco's hidden gems, the Seward Cement Slides. It is in this random                                                  neighborhood in Castro down the road from Twin Peaks. 

We had to laugh at the sign that says, " No adults unless accompanied by children." Riding down the slides on cardboard is a must! 

Accidentally drove through Castro and ended up seeing a naked guy with just a Santa hat on. 
I can't say how often we will be back there.

Had to find the Full House house! Funny how they portrayed the house to look so big when it is actually so skinny and small.

Painted Ladies 

Last stop to end our day was the Golden Gate Bridge. I was so happy it was such a clear day and of course it was a windy day! Can't have both.

I love it when we have visitors because it is another excuse to go into the city! I had so much fun with my brother Jason and his sweet wife Maddie exploring San Francisco. 


  1. How fun Lauren!! Looks like you are having a blast! You are such a cute girl!

    1. Thanks Kendra!! I am loving your cute blog posts!