Monday, January 6, 2014

Adventures Day 2

Second day of discovering more gems of San Francisco with Jason and Maddie.

Our first stop was the Palace of Fine Arts. The building structures were so tall and beautiful! 

We loved going down Pier 39 and looking at all of the seals and shops along the pier.

Boudin's is known for their sour dough bread and clam chowder. So yummy!
It is fun to watch them make different things out of the bread such as teddy bears and alligators.

This was the coolest arcade I have ever been to! They have all of these antique machines and mechanical musical instruments. So different from the arcades today. 

This is the best and cheapest souvenir. It not only read my palm but also gave me a card of what my future holds for just 50 cents! That's a deal! 

For some reason these machines were all throughout the arcade. Men trying to get a cheap peep show. vvv
I love going to Fisherman's Wharf because there is so much to do and it is all in walking distance. You can spend a whole day there and still not have been able to do everything.

Our last stop was Ghirardelli ice cream in Ghirardelli Square
Fun fact for ya, Ghirardelli chocolate is older than the Golden Gate Bridge, 
The Statue of Liberty and Coca-Cola.

Photo booth pictures are my favorite! 
The first one we did not know when it was going to take it haha

Off to more adventures...


  1. Yay! You figured out the flip-book thing!! Looks great!!!

  2. Love reading about your adventures and seeing the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts.