Thursday, June 19, 2014

my favorite visitors

There is NOTHING more I would rather do than hang out with my family. 
My family are my best friends and I am counting down the days until our summer get together.
Since summer and family are on my mind a lot lately I wanted to post some of our adventures last summer. 

There are two things you can always expect when were all together; lots of pictures and some sort of physical activity. (By the way this is only 2 out of 6 siblings here)

Bike the Golden Gate Bridge

My mom was such a champ doing this bike ride while needing to get knee surgery. 
*A little tip...there are always Groupon deals to rent bikes

Trolley rides to Lombard St. and Union Square. Waited forever in the line to get on! Next time I would buy my ticket then walk up the next block and hop on there.

^Biked over to Sausalito and took the Ferry back to San Francisco.
Make sure to get your Ferry ticket right when you get into town. Gets crowded fast.
It is such a pretty bike ride and not that tough.

Just a couple more months until EVERYONE is reunited!
Cannot wait!!

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  1. look at you blondie!! what a cute family you have :)