Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Golden Gate Park

I love having visitors because that gives me
more excuses to go into San Francisco. 
My sister Vicky came out to visit from at the
time Hawaii.

These are some fun activities in
Golden Gate park that I have done 
over time. Definitely cannot see everything in
one day! There are still lots more I would love
to see and do in park.

Visiting the Japanese Tea Gardens
 was one of those "have to do once" kind of
thing for me. So beautiful and peaceful. 

If you are going to go down the cement slides you 
must do it on a cardboard box for speed!
This is located in the Children's Playground still
in Golden Gate park. Not as fast as the Seward 
Cement Slides but still so fun!

My FAVORITE activity in the park, row boats in
Stow Lake. The boat was so tough to row!!
We could not even make it around the lake before our time
was up. So sad. Next time we will do the paddle boats.

To save money, on certain
days of the week there are no 
entrance fee on the museums.

One of SF's hidden gems, the Mosaic Street Steps.
This is not in Golden Gate Park but nearby. 

What have you done in Golden Gate Park?
Anything suggestions to see and do in the park?

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