Wednesday, September 2, 2015

10 months

Avery is continually pulling herself up onto her knees and pulling down anything she can find in sight. She always seems to be hot and sweaty with all of her constant crawling and moving around. Putting her down for naps and bedtime are so sad as she crawls to the edge of the crib closest to the door, pulls herself up and just yells at you to pick her up. 

Avery has three teeth coming in and handling it like a champ. At times she may not nap as well due to it and eating solids has slowed down. When she doesn't want something she smacks it out of the way or throws it on the ground so we are trying to teach her signs to stop that. She just smiles and laughs at us when we do it. Diaper changes are impossible without a bottle and changing clothes is a challenge no matter what.

She is no longer army crawling and now crawls on her knees. She LOVES her books and will use her feet/legs to hold them up as she flips through them. She follows us from room to room and putting everything in her mouth. We are constantly fishing things out of her mouth. She hates sitting and loves to walk while holding our hands. 

Family reunion to McCall Idaho

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