Thursday, April 30, 2015

Five-Six months

This was supposed to be last month so posting it a little late. Avery loved having the twinkies visit last month for their spring break and run around the city with them. When there is a lot going on she is entertained and happy. 

 I feel like Avery is doing something new or different everyday. Crazy how much they change in such a short time. Right now she tries to grab everything! We joke that she has a death grip because she touches your face making you think she is being sentimental but will quickly close her hand really fast WITH your skin in it. Where you don't think you have loose skin to grab, you do! She finds it along with all your baby hairs. 

First beach trip! She loved it!

We are getting lots and lots of squeals especially when she is tired. Lately with tummy time she will lay her arms straight out like superman, put her face in the ground and then put her booty up in the air a little. She is sitting up so well and will topple to the side once in awhile. She is always trying to sit up at any chance she gets. If I lay her down on the ground she will do sit ups to try to get up.

When laying her down for naps she has been rolling onto her stomach then falling asleep with her head face down. It scared us so much since we don't even know how she can breath like that, that we got the Angelcare to make sure she does not suffocate herself. 

This six month happy girl is still high on the charts! 98th percentile for weight and 97 for height. She has so much to love weighing in at 21 pounds. I feel like this was a big month, with her getting bigger she is doing so much more.

We started solids these past couple weeks. She loves her baby oatmeal but is not a fan of avocados. She is rolling all over the place. I set her down to do the dishes and when I came back to check on her I could not see her because she had rolled under the table. It is funny to check on her after laying her down for a nap to see her completely turned around. She is such a busy girl grabbing at everything in site, sucking/eating on anything she touches and smiling at everyone she sees. She is also loving her feet and putting her legs straight in the air. However, she is unable to suck on her toes because her little chub is in the way.

Avery LOVES new people! I feel like she gets tired of looking at me all day so when a new person comes she gets so excited. So when it came to taking her 6 months pictures she loved the photographer and was just so happy and fun to shoot.

Avery is the happiest sitting in her laundry basket with all of her toys in it with her. She loves new toys/things to play with and often gets bored of the ones she has. She keeps grabbing her ears and gnawing hard on her toys so I know we should be seeing teeth soon. She still gives us a warning when she is about to start crying by rolling her tongue super fast. I don't know how she does it.

I am having fun introducing her to new foods and hanging out with her all day. She is getting to be so much fun! She has changed our lives so much and now all of our conversations are about her. I love to get her from her naps because she is so happy to see you. Kicking, smiling and squealing right when you walk in, it is instant happiness. Even if I am a zombie at 2am struggling to stay awake to feed her she still manages to put a smile on my face.

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