Friday, March 13, 2015

Getting Back To It

Going through pregnancy, labor, then recovery from labor and sleep deprivation really took me out of working out physically and mentally. I know you can continue to work out while preggo but who really wants to when you have half the energy you normally did, working full time and an added big ball bouncing up and down at every step. Not the girls, the baby....well maybe the girls also. Then you hear the stories of other pregnant women running marathons and doing spin classes up until birth. Ya, I hate them...sorry Alyssa! I would go walking but I never felt like that was even a work out. I need to feel like I am about to collapse, dripping sweat and dying for water because then I know I worked my hardest. That is what running does for me.

This is my year of running!
I needed that extra push and motivation so I signed up for a half marathon (See Jane Run) and full marathon (The San Francisco Marathon). I am using the Hal Higdon's training schedule and I am so out of shape that I am training before my training schedule even starts. I previously ran the Women's Nike Run in SF and had the best time (minus the mistake of having Panda Express the day before and my stomach feeling queasy the whole race)! The atmosphere, adrenaline and being surrounded by other runners was the best experience and I can't wait to do more.

While researching training schedules, Hal Higdon's 
schedule had amazing reviews and is one of the best. 

This is my life until the end of July.

If you have any tips for running a marathon please send it my way!

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